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What We Do

  • Students will receive one-on-one music instruction and be given individual assignments for their own personal growth.
  • Private Lessons: 30 minutes of in-person instruction with one teacher
  • Virtual Lessons: 30 minutes of instruction with one teacher on an online platform
  • Group Lessons: one hour and have three students with one teacher
  • Other: guitar classes, piano classes, voice classes, homeschool classes, jam nights, performance opportunities, professional recording, and more available at LMS
  • Please submit an inquiry for current Group Lesson openings and Class openings

Jenny James - Owner/Piano Teacher

In-Person: $145/mo, Groups: $145/mo

I’ve been teaching piano and chord chart reading in the area since 2006. I enjoy teaching all ages, children thru adults, in private and group settings. I’m a former classroom teacher with a degree from Baylor University and currently serve as the Music Director and Pianist at Valley Creek Lewisville. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Steve James, and together we have 3 boys: Caleb, Carter, and Brenner.

Click on the YouTube link to watch my video bio!

Carissa Thompson - Piano Teacher

In-Person: $137/mo, Groups: $137/mo

Iʼve been teaching piano since 2014. My love for music began at a very young age sitting at the piano with my Grandmother singing to songs from Annie. After teaching preschool, my dear friend Jenny James encouraged me to take my love for music and open a studio of my own. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have 3 boys: Jackson, Tate, and Wyatt. I am excited and grateful to be apart of Legacy Music Studio.

Watch my video bio on the YouTube link to learn more about me! 😀

Amanda Duke - Studio Manager, Piano/Saxophone Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

I began studying piano in 2008. Since then, I have expanded my horizons with learning chord charts, playing in various ensembles, and playing saxophone in the Marcus Band. Since 2010, I have had the opportunity to serve with kids in the AWANA’s program and currently dedicate my time to the Valley Creek Church Kid’s ministry. I decided to combine my love for music and working with children by helping kids take their next step in music. I began teaching in the 2017-18 school year and have taught various piano camps throughout the summer. I am continuing to pursue music at Southern Methodist University, while also studying a double major in Financial Consulting and Economics.

Click on the YouTube link to watch my video bio! 🙂

Sam Farr - Drum/Piano/Guitar Teacher

In-Person: $137/mo

Sam is a freelance audio engineer, musician, educator and producer currently residing in Irving, TX. Sam has been a music educator since 2015 when he started teaching drumline at Saginaw High School. Since then, Sam has taught drumlines and private lessons in many school districts throughout DFW.

Sam has been a musician and performer in a wide array of musical groups. He is an alumni of Santa Clara Vanguard and aged out with the corps, winning the Fred Sanford award for best percussion in 2017. He was a member of Vigilantes Indoor Percussion in 2013, and ’15-’17 and also played snare at Troopers in 2016.

After aging out, he continued performing with various bands in the Denton and Dallas music scenes. He currently plays in Denton-based rock bands Bad Dad Jokes (drums) and Have Near (guitar/vocals). He records and produces various DFW artists under the name Farr Out Sounds and has most recently worked with New Avenues, Itiswhatitis, Penny Bored, and more. In his spare time he likes to read, mountain bike, run, travel, and discover new music of all types.

Rachel Lumbreras - Vocal Teacher

In-Person: $137/mo

It’s so important to me to help others identify their sound, learn skills to develop overall confidence, vocal technique and worship leading. I started my music journey in 2006, over the years participated in various musical styles such as choral, acapella, modern worship and broadway. In 2014, I was hired on as a full-time worship leader at Valley Creek Church. I now work in the marketplace, but I am actively developing my own skills by serving on Valley Creek’s worship team. My main goal as a voice teacher is to help you find YOUR sound. Each one of us were created uniquely, and I know there is something to be discovered and released in each one of us! If you’re just starting this journey, or want to push yourself to new levels of vocal excellence we’ll be a good fit. The world needs your voice!

Also, feel free to click on the YouTube link below to watch my video bio!

Josh Wright - Vocal Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

Josh is a full-time vocal coach and an active musician/songwriter and worship leader within the DFW metroplex. From 2008-2016, he was trained within multiple music styles (classical, broadway, modern-worship, gospel/soul, etc.). After graduating from Christ For The Nations Institute in 2015 with a degree in Worship & Technical Arts, Josh was hired on as a childcare coordinator (2015-2017) and worship coordinator at Valley Creek Church (2017-2018). As of 2019, he has worked with shows such as American Idol and the Fox TV Network and continues to pursue his own musical endeavors through his band/pop duo Vigil. Josh was also the 2020 People’s Choice Award winner for the local concert series The Sounds of Lewisville which led to Vigil opening the Sounds of Lewisville concert series in the summer of 2021. With all of these successes and experiences, Josh believes in coaching his generation and the next in their gift of vocal performance, songwriting, worship leading and belief in themselves. Whether you’ve been singing for years or just beginning, Josh wants to help you master basic technique, find your voice and challenge you to take risks by trying new things. More than that, he would love to build relationship and encourage you that nothing is truly impossible when you invest your time and believe in yourself.

Also check out my bio interview in the link below 🙂

Jackson Thompson - Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Piano Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

I have been playing acoustic/electric guitar since 2014. Since my beginning, I have grown in learning chord charts, the Nashville Number System and how to play with different bands and worship teams. Since 2016, I have had the privilege of serving with Valley Creek Worship and in HUB Student Ministry. I believe it’s never too late to learn an instrument. If you have a desire to grow in your musicianship or want to learn how to play guitar, it would be my privilege to help you take that next step.

Click the YouTube icon to watch my video bio!

Charles Tobias - Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Piano/Production Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

After attending Berklee College of Music, I knew the greatest place to implement what I’ve learned would be teaching. For over 10 years, I’ve invested my time in learning and mastering instruments such as electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. In recent years, I’ve had the privilege of developing others at Valley Creek Church as they take their next step into serving on our various worship teams. During this time I have also recorded with multiple bands. No matter the genre or your level of playing, it would be my privilege to invest in your future and passion for music.

Also, I have a video bio now. Maybe check it out on YouTube? Link below!

Luca Buongiorno Nardelli - Violin Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

I began playing the violin when I was 6 years old. After returning from a professional orchestra concert with my family, I exclaimed my fascination with the violin. For 12 years I've been practicing and learning music, playing in many different orchestras and ensembles. Now, at Legacy Music Studio, I hope to progress someone else's musical journey by sparking the same fascination I had in someone else. I plan on attending UNT College of Music as a music theory major to progress my own musical journey. I can’t wait to have the privilege of teaching my passion to an aspiring musician!

Click on the camera icon to check out my portfolio or the YouTube icon to see my interview on our YouTube page!

Katie Zembrod - Drums/Piano Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

I started piano as a child and moved over to drums as a teenager. I've served on the Valley Creek Worship team, Legacy House Band, and other performance groups. Pouring into the next generation and building their confidence is rewarding, and learning music is a great way to do so. I’ve had the privilege of spending the last few years learning from many professionals and would love to teach you or your student drumming methods or piano.

Eli Richmond - Vocal Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

Eli teaches voice. He is amazing!

Sydney Anderson - Piano/Vocals Teacher

In-Person/Virtual: $137/mo

I have been playing classical piano and singing since 2007 and began teaching in 2014. I provide instruction for all ages and varying skill levels. I have a certificate in Modern Music Vocals. It has been fulfilling to work with students and helping them on their musical journey.

I was excited to further expand my knowledge when I began learning to play worship music. Jenny was instrumental in this process and taught me the basics of reading chord charts. I was able to successfully join the worship ministry at Valley Creek Church during high school and gained great experiences throughout my time serving as a volunteer on this team.

I attended Liberty Christian School and was the recipient of the ``Best Overall Worship Culture`` award. I was also presented the Fine Arts Pursuit of Passion Scholarship upon graduation. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Modern Music and a Certificate in vocals.

Also, check out my interview on our YouTube page!


Rachel Moreno - Violin Teacher

In-Person: $137/mo (Summer Only)

I teach violin 🙂



The following will cover Legacy Music Studio, LLC policies:


Meet & Greet

We love hosting 15-minute Meet & Greets with potential new students and families. During this time, we can answer any and all questions as well as give you a tour of our studio. The Meet & Greet teacher will provide a mini-lesson to get to know your student and evaluate their starting level. They also will help match them with the right teacher according to availability, goals, and personality.

Tuition Payment

Students may start lessons at any time during the year. Enrollment is always open.

Tuition is calculated with 16 lessons of instruction in the Fall semester and 16 lessons of instruction in the Spring semester. This is 32 weeks of lessons from mid-August to mid-May. Some months students may have five lessons and other months they may have two, but the tuition will even out over the course of the semester. There are 10 payments across 10 months of lessons. December and May tuition are half the price, so you have 9 full payments. Students may also pay for the semester in full. Committing to lessons means you’re committing to the semester. Sunday and Monday lessons are calculated based on 28 weeks across the school year.

Monthly Tuition Rates: Sunday and Monday lessons are $120/month & Tuesday thru Saturday lessons are $137/month

Tuition is due the first lesson of each month. If tuition is not paid on time, a $20 late fee will be assessed. If tuition is not paid by the second lesson of the month, lessons will be discontinued until tuition for that month is paid in full.

We also offer lesson packages for adults and students who need just a set of lessons. These can be purchased as follows: Four 30-min lessons for $154, Six 30-min lessons for $225, and Eight 30-min lessons for $305.

Our Summer semester offers families and teachers flexibility. We have individualized lessons packages to best fit your needs. We also have amazing camps for various age groups and interests. Taking summer lesson ensures priority scheduling with us in the fall. Please visit the SUMMER section of the website for more details.

Please contact your individual teachers for payment methods.


Legacy Music Studio offers two recitals a year. Recitals are not a requirement but viewed as a performance opportunity. Not all instruments/teachers participate in recitals. Please check with your specific teacher before registering for a recital.

Recital Registration is on the website with specific deadline dates. Students have separate recital fees per instrument. For example, if Brenner takes violin, voice, and piano and opts to perform as a violinist, vocalist, and pianist, then his parents pay for three recital registrations. If he opts to perform twice (one as a violinist and the other as a combined piano/vocals) then his parents pay for two Recital Registrations.

Makeup Lessons

Makeup lessons are at the discretion of each instructor. Students may have ONE make up lesson per semester. If your instructor is unable to make a lesson, then they may reach out to reschedule or they may provide a sub. Families will be given a detailed Attendance Expectations document upon enrollment. This policy is in place to help encourage consistent attendance and consistent progress in the student.  Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Preparation for Lessons

Students are expected to come to their lesson prepared: on time, with all materials, and well-practiced from the previous week’s lesson. As a general rule, most students should practice 4-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Beginner students will practice less at first. If a student comes to the lesson unprepared, then we will have them use their lesson time for practice and re-teaching. Keep in mind that practicing is going over a song multiple times (3X-5X) a day and reworking the more difficult parts. Running through a song from start to finish once is NOT practicing. Teachers write specific instructions for the students in their assignment spiral, so encourage your student to refer to the spiral to know what to work on.

Visitors to Lessons

In the past, we have allowed parents and siblings to sit in on a student’s lesson time. Unfortunately, this has proven to be more of a distraction than a help. Therefore, no visitors are allowed to stay in the teaching area during the lesson time. If you want to sit in our waiting area from time to time, then that is fine. You are welcome to sit in your vehicle, enjoy Old Town Lewisville’s many stores/vendors, or sit in our designated waiting area.

Questions or Concerns?

Children are a blessing from the Lord, and we are so honored that you have entrusted their musical education to us!  We look forward to developing musical skills along with your child.  Please feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.